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All publications for Tremaine Gregory

Gregory, Tremaine, Carrasco-Rueda, Farah, Alonso, Alfonso, Kolowski, Joseph and Deichmann, Jessica L. 2017. Natural canopy bridges effectively mitigate tropical forest fragmentation for arboreal mammals. Scientific Reports.
Gregory, Tremaine, Carrasco-Rueda, Farah, Deichmann, Jessica, Kolowski, Joseph and Alonso, Alfonso. 2017. Primate response to natural gas pipeline construction in the Peruvian Amazon. Biotropica, 249-255.
Boyle, Sarah A., Thompson, Cynthia L., Deluycker, Anneke, Alvarez, Silvia J., Alvim, Thiago H. G., Aquino, Rolando, Bezerra, Bruna M., Boubli, Jean P., Bowler, Mark, Caselli, Christini Barbosa, Chagas, Renata R. D., Ferrari, Stephen F., Fontes, Isadora P., Gregory, Tremaine, Haugaasen, Torbjørn, Heiduck, Stefanie, Hores, Rose, Lehman, Shawn, de Melo, Fabiano R., Moreira, Leandro S., Moura, Viviane S., Nagy-Reis, Mariana, Palacios, Erwin, Palminteri, Suzanne, Peres, Carlos A., et al. 2016. Geographic comparison of plant genera used in frugivory among the pitheciids Cacajao, Callicebus, Chiropotes, and Pithecia. American Journal of Primatology, 493-506.
Gregory, Tremaine and Bowler, Mark. 2016. Male-male affiliation and cooperation characterize the social behavior of the large-bodied pitheciids, Chiropotes and Cacajao: A review. American Journal of Primatology, 550-560.
Shaffer, Christopher A., Barnett, Adrian A., Gregory, Tremaine, de Melo, Fabiano, Moreira, Leandro, Alvim, Thiago H. G., Moura, Viviane S., Filó, Anderson, Cardoso, Tatiane, Port-Carvalho, Marcio, dos Santos, Ricardo Rodrigues and Boyle, Sarah A. 2016. Mixed-species associations in cuxiús (genus Chiropotes). American Journal of Primatology, 583-597.
Gregory, Tremaine, Lunde, Darrin, Zamora-Meza, Hugo and Carrasco-Rueda, Farah. 2015. Records of Coendouichillus (Rodentia, Erethizontidae) from the Lower Urubamba Region of Peru. ZooKeys, 109-121.
Gregory, Tremaine, Mullett, Amanda and Norconk, Marilyn A. 2014. Strategies for navigating large areas: A GIS spatial ecology analysis of the bearded saki monkey, Chiropotes sagulatus, in Suriname. American Journal of Primatology, 586-595.
Gregory, Tremaine, Rueda, Farah Carrasco, Deichmann, Jessica L., Kolowski, Joseph and Alonso, Alfonso. 2014. Arboreal camera trapping: Taking a proven method to new heights. Methods in Ecology and Evolution, 443-451.
Gregory, Tremaine and Norconk, Marilyn A. 2013. Comparative socioecology of sympatric, free-ranging white-faced and bearded saki monkeys in Suriname: preliminary data. , 285-294.
Gregory, Tremaine and Norconk, Marilyn A. 2013. Bearded saki socioecology: affiliative male–male interactions in large, free-ranging primate groups in Suriname. Behaviour, 1-41.
Gregory, Tremaine, Carrasco Rueda, Farah, Deichmann, Jessica L., Kolowski, Joseph, Costa Faura, Marcel, Dallmeier, Francisco and Alonso, Alfonso. . 2013. Methods To Establish Canopy Bridges To Increase Natural Connectivity in Linear Infrastructure Development. .
Gregory, Tremaine, Carrasco Rueda, F., Deichmann, Jessica L., Kolowski, Joseph and Alonso, Alfonso. 2012. Primates of the Lower Urubamba Region, Peru, with comments on other mammals. Neotropical Primates, 16-23.