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Amazing Aves (Primary)

A bright red long beak adorns a black-and-white bird

Amazing Aves is the first series in the 2019-2020 Zoo home-school curriculum exploring Terrific Taxonomy. This year, our home-school students will explore the biological classification system that groups and categorizes all living things.

Each five-week series will focus on a different class of animals, digging deep into the features and elements which define it and exploring a different group within that class each week. Students will develop a rich picture of the variety of animals within the Animal Kingdom and how zoologists and conservation scientists at the Smithsonian's National Zoo use biological taxonomy to care for and help save species. Students may sign up for individual series or for all five series.

Amazing Aves: This fall, our class takes off by exploring the world of birds. A different featured group each week, from flightless ratites to clever corvids, helps us takes a closer look at the taxonomic class Aves. We’ll also learn about how the Smithsonian Migratory Bird Center is helping to support birds around the world. 

The primary section of Amazing Aves is appropriate for ages 5-8 and is a drop-off program. Children do not need to be independent readers and writers to enjoy class activities. 

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Age range: 5 - 8

Class Sessions

Date(s): Monday, September 16 to Monday, October 21 (class meets on Mondays)
Time: 10:03 am to 12:03 pm