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Aquatic Investigators: Advanced

land hermit crab

Aquatic Investigators is the fourth of five series in the 2017-2018 Zoo Homeschool curriculum exploring global biomes. Each series is a detailed exploration of a different major global biome, the ecosystems that define it and the animals that make it their home. Students may register for individual series or for the entire curriculum. 

Aquatic Investigators: Surf’s up! From shallow streams to coastal tide pools and deep marine trenches, the world’s aquatic habitats are home to an extremely diverse group of animals. We’ll explore the amazing adaptations that these species have evolved to survive and discover how our local watersheds feed the world's oceans. Class will meet once a week for five weeks.

Aquatic Investigators: Advanced is a drop-off only program. Advanced courses cover the same themes and concepts as Primary courses, but include more detail, longer discussions and higher-level experiments and activities.

Thursday, February 22 to Thursday, March 22
Class meets on: 
10:00 am to 12:00 pm
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Non-member cost: 
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Age range: 7 - 12