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Marvelous Migrations: Advanced

Elephant in water

Marvelous Migrations is the first series in the 2018-2019 Zoo Homeschool curriculum exploring "Amazing Animal Adaptations." Each series is a detailed exploration of a major category of animal adaptation and how various species have evolved different expressions of this adaptation to help them survive. Students may register for individual series or for the entire curriculum. 

About Marvelous Migrations: This fall, we'll take to the skies … and oceans and plains, as we explore the mysteries of animal migration. How do animals know where to go? What do they do when they get there? What hazards do they face on the way? And how can humans help? Come learn why migration is not just for the birds; it's also for the turtles, whales, butterflies and bison. 

Class will meet once a week for six weeks. There will be no class on Sept. 27.

The "advanced" section of Marvelous Migrations is appropriate for ages 7-12 and is a drop-off program. Children must be independent readers and writers to enjoy class activities. 

Our registration system has changed! Simply click the "Register for this class" button below and log in using the same email address you use for your FONZ membership. Your member discount will be automatically applied.

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Age range: 7 - 12