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Nature Cubs: Bookworms

A close-up of a beige alpaca's face

Explore the wild inspirations for the characters from your child's favorite storybooks. Each week, we will learn about the real animals who inspired some favorite fictional friends, from Baby Llama to Curious George and more!

Nature Cubs preschool classes use interactive learning stations, hands-on activities and crafts, Nature Play, animal artifacts and exciting Zoo walks to engage your preschooler's sense of wonder and curiosity about wildlife and the natural world. There is no animal contact or behind-the-scenes access in Nature Cubs classes.

Note: Nature Cubs preschool classes are for children and their adult buddies to enjoy together. Infants worn in a carrier or who remain in a stroller/car seat during the program are welcome at no additional charge.

  • "Book-worms" will meet once a week for five weeks.
  • Classes meet as Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, or Saturday sections. Choose your day of the week to attend below.

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Age range: 2 - 3

Class Sessions

Date(s): Monday, March 4 to Monday, April 1 (class meets on Mondays)
Time: 10:03 am to 11:33 am
Date(s): Tuesday, March 5 to Tuesday, April 2 (class meets on Tuesdays)
Time: 10:03 am to 11:33 am
Date(s): Wednesday, March 6 to Wednesday, April 3 (class meets on Wednesdays)
Time: 10:03 am to 11:33 am
Date(s): Thursday, March 7 to Thursday, April 4 (class meets on Thursdays)
Time: 10:03 am to 11:33 am
Date(s): Friday, March 8 to Friday, April 5 (class meets on Fridays)
Time: 10:03 am to 11:33 am
Date(s): Saturday, March 9 to Saturday, April 6 (class meets on Saturdays)
Time: 10:03 am to 11:33 am