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Poison Dart Frogs and the Ecology of Neotropical Amphibians

Poison Dart Frog

Vibrant, colorful, and deadly, poison dart frogs are one of those awe-inspiring wonders of the South American rainforest. Defying the general "camouflage is great" defensive mindset, these unique creatures choose instead to flaunt their aposematic coloration, daring predators to take a bite. So how do keepers care for such lethal amphibians? For starters it takes a solid understanding of amphibians, their general biology, and how they fit into the ecological mix. What do these frogs need? How do they thrive? Learn how everything from reproductive strategies to behavior influence proper husbandry and care.

Join Jessica Nelson, senior herpetologist at The National Aquarium in Baltimore, for an inside look at poison dart frogs and other neotropical amphibians. Learn the ins and outs of amphibian biology and find out how ecology influences the captive care of these valuable indicator species.

This class fulfills the ecology requirement of the Wildlife Studies Certificate Program.

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Age range: 18