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We Save Species ... One Diet at a Time

An adult cheetah and cubs eating from a plate in the grass

This class fulfills the animal behavior requirement of the Wildlife Studies Certificate Program.

The Department of Nutrition Science is responsible for all aspects of feeding and nutrition for the animals in our care—at both the Smithsonian's National Zoo and the Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute. For those who have attended nutrition classes through adult education in the past, this will be a “deeper dive” into nutrition topics relevant to this moment in time. In this one day (4 hour) adult education workshop, Mike Maslanka, Head of the Department of Nutrition Science, will highlight current hot topics in zoo nutrition, such as:

  • the concept of gut microbiome management and transfaunation;
  • what feeding carcass to carnivores and trees to herbivores have in common, and why they’re both important; 
  • and why a free-ranging frugivore might not be a “fruit-eater,” among other topics.

Participants will also be getting their hands dirty and dividing up in the browse yard to de-weed some saplings and give them a fighting chance through the summer. Please bring bug spray and work gloves, as well as a "switched-on" mind.

This class meets Sunday, Aug. 6 from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute* in Front Royal, Virginia

*Space is very limited and participants must have their own transportation to Front Royal (approx. 70 miles outside of D.C.).

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Age range: 18