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Zoo 101: Animal Health and Welfare

veterinarian examining the eyes of a cheetah cub

Zoo 101 is a project-based class that explores major topics in the inner workings of a zoo. Each session, Zoo 101 explores a different core topic in zoo management and is appropriate for students ages 11-14, or those students who have completed three full years of Zoo Homeschool programs.

About Animal Health and Welfare: Does the tiger have a toothache? What if the alpaca has an ache? And how do you know if a panda is pregnant? The Smithsonian's National Zoo provides world class care to more than 2,700 animals, from large mammals to tiny invertebrates, making sure that each animal in our care is healthy, happy, and engaged each day.  

In this 10-week course, students will explore how the Smithsonian's National Zoo and other zoos around the country support the health and welfare of the animals in their care through veterinary science, creative solutions, and innovative collaborations. They will also learn how the National Zoo's Veterinary and Global Health teams go far beyond the boundaries of Olmstead Walk to investigate and share knowledge about animal health and welfare issues around the world.

Zoo 101 is a 10-week, drop-off-only program. There will be no class on Feb. 20 and 27.

Please note, there is NO animal contact in this program. Students will not provide veterinary care to animals.

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Age range: 11 - 14

Class Sessions

Date(s): Thursday, January 16 to Thursday, April 2 (class meets on Thursdays)
Time: 1:03 pm to 3:03 pm