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Zoo 101: Challenges in Conservation

herd of elephants walking through grass

Zoo 101 is a project-based class that explores major topics in the inner workings of a zoo. Each session, Zoo 101 explores a different core topic in zoo management and is appropriate for students ages 11-14, or those students who have completed three full years of Zoo Homeschool programs.

About Challenges in Conservation: The 21st-century Zoo is a champion for environmental and wildlife conservation, but what does this really entail, and what is the real scope of the challenges conservationists face?

In this 10-week course, students will dig into the details of some of the major conservation issues facing the environmental science community. They will explore the causes and processes of these issues; the real impacts upon animals and the environment; case studies about specific species, habitats and solutions; and what zoos, conservation organizations and individual people are doing to make a difference. 

Over the course of the series, students will identify and research a specific problem and impacted species, develop and execute a conservation awareness plan, and report upon their work to an audience of their peers, families, friends and Zoo staff.

Conservation issues planned for coverage include (but are not limited to):

  • Wildlife trafficking
  • Ocean acidification
  • Genetic bottlenecking
  • Deforestation and habitat fragmentation
  • Extinction and loss of biodiversity
  • Physical pollution (e.g., single-use plastics, water run-off) and nonphysical pollution (e.g., light and sound)
  • Population sprawl and human-animal conflict

Zoo 101 is a 10-week, drop-off-only program. There will be no class on Sept. 27, Nov. 1 and Nov. 22.

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Age range: 11 - 14

Class Sessions

Date(s): Thursday, September 13 to Thursday, December 13 (class meets on Thursdays)
Time: 1:03 pm to 3:03 pm