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Zoo 101: Collection Planning

patagonian mara

New for 2017-2018! Zoo 101 is a project-based class that explores major topics in the inner workings of a zoo. Zoo 101 will explore a different core topic in zoo management each session and is appropriate for students ages 11 to 14, or those students who have completed three full years of FONZ homeschool programs.

September to December 2017: Collection Planning: Students will explore how zoo professionals design and manage their animal "collections." What is the role of a 21st century zoo, and how do collections of species support that? How do zoos determine which animals will be in their collections, and what steps do they take to make sure that they meet the physical and social needs of any new species they bring into their collections?

Major topics to be explored: Collection management, biological conservation strategies, species survival plans, exhibit design, landscape architecture.

Zoo 101 is a drop-off only program.

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Age range: 11 - 14