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Zoo 101: Enrichment and Training

monkey painting

New for 2018! Zoo 101 is a project-based class that explores major topics in the inner workings of a zoo. Zoo 101 will explore a different core topic in Zoo management each session and is appropriate for students ages 11-14, or those students who have completed three full years of Zoo Homeschool programs.

January-March 2017: Enrichment and Training: A good portion of every Zoo Keeper's day is dedicated to creating and executing enrichment for their animals. Why is enrichment so important and how is it done? What are the cognitive and behavioral considerations that must be made? Students will connect how the different physical, social, and cognitive needs of different species result in enrichment plans and approaches that may differ from taxa to taxa, species to species, and even individual to individual.

Major topics to be explored: Animal taxonomy, cognition and behavior, biological conservation strategies, engineering and design.

Zoo 101 is a drop-off only program.

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Age range: 11 - 14