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Zoo Tunes: Purr and Roar

A clouded leopard cub with large paws, rounded ears, a pink nose and tongue, wiry whiskers, and thick, spotted fur rests on a tree branch

Nothing gets infants and toddlers moving like music — especially when it is all animal-themed. Zoo Tunes is an interactive music and movement class for our youngest Zoo-goers and their parents and caregivers. "Zoo Tunes: Purr and Roar" features songs about all of the wonderful cats at the Smithsonian's National Zoo: lions, tigers and more! The sounds and songs will help us explore the different sounds cats make.

Identical sessions of "Zoo Tunes: Purr and Roar" will take place Thursday, Nov. 21, and Friday, Nov. 22. Choose your session to attend below.

Adult and one child: $14 for FONZ Members; $17.50 for non-members. Additional participants (adult or child): $5/person.

Please note: Zoo Tunes does not include visits to an animal exhibit or any live animal contact.

Member cost: 

Non-member cost: 

Class Type: 

Age range: 0 - 2

Class Sessions

Date(s): Thursday, November 21
Time: 10:03 am to 10:48 am
Date(s): Friday, November 22
Time: 10:03 am to 10:48 am
Date(s): Friday, November 22
Time: 11:03 am to 11:48 am