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zooHarmony: Navigating Mate Selection & Breeding Habits in the Animal Kingdom

A cheetah laying in the grass on a sunny day

Finding that special someone is not an easy task for humans.  In the animal kingdom, depending on what kind of animal you are, just finding another male or female of your species may be a challenge. For example, imagine a lone cheetah wandering the vast African savannah, where does she go to find a mate? How do you tell the males from the females? Then there is always competition to contend with as well. There may be displays, dances, songs, battles, and more. It might be a suitor courting a single lady, or fighting for a harem. So how does it all work out? 

Delve into the complex world of animal dating and relationships with three of the Smithsonian National Zoo’s finest – curators Craig Saffoe and Steve Sarro, and Entomologist Gregory Ose. Learn everything from mate choice to breeding habits, to rearing of offspring for three taxonomic classes: Aves (birds), Insecta (insects), and Mammalia (cats). 

This class fulfills the animal behavior requirement of the Wildlife Studies Certificate Program.

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Age range: 18