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Educational Activities You Can Do at Home

The Smithsonian's National Zoo and Conservation Biology Institute is committed to supporting teachers, students and families around the globe. Below, you will find resources to engage learners in grades pre-K to 12 with science, the natural world, wildlife and conservation. Check back frequently for new activities.

Video Series

Explore Beyond Your Door

Grades K-5

Create a journal and earn badges as you explore beyond your door with your guide to the outside: education specialist Kaden. Episodes are 5 minutes long.

Watch Videos Start a Journal Download Badges

Wildlife Careers

Grades K-12; Standards: NGSS and Common Core

Four playful videos take you behind the scenes to learn about zoo jobs. A Video Content Guide provides questions and project-based learning activities for each video.

Watch the Videos Download Guide

Self-guided, Interactive Learning

All About Amphibians

Grades K-5

What is an amphibian? Why are they important? Explore these questions and more as you learn what you can do to help conserve amphibians.

All About Amphibians

Migratory Birds

Grades K-5

What is a migratory bird? Why do they migrate, and how far do they travel? Explore these questions, and find out how you can make your home bird-friendly.

Migratory Birds

Earth Optimism

Grades 6-12

Learn about six amazing species with conservation success stories that are sure to make you an Earth Optimist!

Earth Optimism

Zoo Highlights

All ages; Available in English, Spanish, Arabic, Japanese and Chinese

Take a "virtual visit" to the Zoo by learning more about some of the incredible animals in our care with this interactive lesson.

Zoo Highlights

Animal Webcam Activities

Grades K-5; Standards: NGSS

Check in with lions, elephants, giant pandas, naked mole-rats, cheetahs and black-footed ferrets. The downloadable activity packet helps kids learn about animal behavior and habitats.

Watch Webcams Download Activities

Recycling Recess

All ages

Make something; make a difference! Take a brain break with these quick, easy and fun conservation craft activities for kids of all ages.

Curate a Collection No Sew Tote Bag Recycled Paper Beads Seed Paper Bird Feeder

Just for Fun

ZooCrew Family Guide

Pre-K to Grade 6; Also available in Spanish

This activity booklet engages children and adults together in learning about Zoo animals with games, activities, fun facts, stories and more.

English Spanish

Bird Migration Game

Grades K-5

Help Wanda the Wood Thrush travel from her winter home in Costa Rica to her summer home in Maryland.

Play the Game

Bird Nest Quiz

Grades 6-12

Can you name the nester? Use the research hints to analyze nest photos and discover which bird built each nest.

Take the Quiz

Classroom Activities and Lesson Plans for Educators

Rainforest Wonders

Pre-K to Grade 2

Move your body like a rainforest animal, create your own rainforest and take a sensory walk with activities inspired by "The Great Kapok Tree" by Lynn Cherry.

Rainforest Movement Activity Create A Rainforest Rainforest Sensory Walk

Animal Clinic Investigation

Grades K-5; Standards: NGSS and Common Core

Calling all vets-in-training: Dr. Fonz needs your critical thinking skills! Students will analyze evidence and put together clues to diagnose and treat a Zoo animal.

Download Lesson Plan

Bridging the Americas

Open to Grades 2-4 in Maryland, Virginia and Washington, D.C.

This environmental education program connects students from North America and Latin America through the shared observation and enjoyment of local birds. Use password bta4teachers to access resources.

Join the Program

Follow That Bird

Grades 6-8; Standards: NGSS

A science and technology unit that teaches core concepts through exploration of bird tracking tools and data.

Access the Curriculum


Grades 6-12; Some activities appropriate for younger audiences

Lesson plans, games and activities that utilize camera trap images of wildlife from across the globe.

Explore eMammal