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Plan a Fieldtrip

Is your class or group planning a trip to the Zoo? Be sure to check out these activities to enhance the experience. 

Zoo Activity Sheets

The Smithsonian's National Zoo is a popular destination for school groups, scouts, and many other programs. Print ahead and enjoy these activity sheets during your visit.

Zoo Crew Training Manual

This family education guide can help your group structure a visit and navigate through the Zoo, learning about animals, Smithsonian science and conservation success stories along the way. Your class or group is encouraged to use this guide as an educational resource and activity booklet as they visit some of the Zoo’s exhibits.

Please note that this guide is intended for adults and children to share. Not all animals or sections of the Zoo are included in this booklet.

Zoo Crew Training Manual (English Language)

Zoo Crew Training Manual (Spanish Language)

How Do You Zoo? (K - 5)

Children have the chance to make believe completing research in the Small Mammal House, becoming an animal chef, examining animal x-rays, and taking care of business as a Smithsonian's National Zoo keeper. Learn more about How Do You Zoo?

School Programs (Pre-K - 8)

Enhance your school’s field trip to the Smithsonian's National Zoo with a “Jr. Zoologist” classroom session or a guided “World Safari” trek through the park. These engaging, inquiry-based, discussion-oriented lessons are designed to correspond to with Next Generation Science Standards and Virginia Standards of Learning.

Registration opens at 10 a.m. on Dec. 1, and programs begin the first week of January. Learn more about school programs.