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Importers, Roasters and Distributors

More and more consumers are demanding shade-grown coffee and are willing to pay a few cents more to enjoy a great tasting cup of coffee that supports bird conservation, a healthy environment and the livelihood of many small-scale farm owners. Every day, coffee plantations are getting certified with the Smithsonian Migratory Bird Center's Bird Friendly® seal of approval—the only 100 percent organic, shade-grown coffee certification available.

Are you a coffee importer or distributor searching for a Bird Friendly farm? View a complete list of certified farms here.

Bird Friendly® Coffee Benefits

There are many advantages to becoming a Bird Friendly coffee farmer, roaster, importer or distributor, including:

  • Better tasting coffee, because shade-coffee beans ripen more slowly, resulting in a richer flavor
  • Fair and stable prices for producers
  • Healthy environments for workers and downstream communities
  • More traditional coffee varieties and new varieties that are resistant to pests
  • Pollution control at mills, both wet and dry
  • Access to credit for producers employing sustainable technologies
  • Adequate wages, housing and health care for workers
  • Access to markets for all producers, irrespective of farm size

For more information about the benefits of Bird Friendly certification, please contact the Bird Friendly coffee team.

Become a Bird Friendly Coffee Roaster, Importer or Distributor

If you are interested in joining the Smithsonian Migratory Bird Center's efforts to promote shade-grown coffee via the Bird Friendly® coffee program, here are the simple steps involved:

  1. Contact the Bird Friendly coffee team.
  2. Read the provided contract and decide whether you want to participate in the program.
  3. If you choose to participate, ask the Bird Friendly coffee team to arrange an agreement with the Smithsonian's contracting office specific to your company. Your contact information must be provided to complete this step.
  4. Sign the provided agreement, and return it to the Bird Friendly coffee team.

Your responsibilities:

  • Provide the Bird Friendly coffee team with a semi-annual report on the amount of Bird Friendly coffee you sell.
  • Remit a semi-annual check to the Bird Friendly coffee team that pays a per-pound royalty fee for Bird Friendly coffee used by your company.
  • Stay in touch with the Bird Friendly coffee team regarding your needs.

Your benefits:

  • Use of the Bird Friendly® term in your promotional and advertising materials
  • Use of the Bird Friendly® logo on packaging and other marketing materials
  • Access to an array of graphics on the Bird Friendly .ftp site, all of which may be used in promotion of Bird Friendly® coffees
  • Free posters featuring original artwork related to Bird Friendly® coffee
  • Free brochures about the program (when available)
  • List of all importers of Bird Friendly coffee
  • List of all roasters of Bird Friendly coffee