Mad Island Banding

April 17, 2012 by Bea Harrison


Two big days at the station! Storms yesterday preceded a cool front, forcing birds to delay their migration and stop at Mad Island. Today we had a north wind for a while, dropping more migrates into the trees. We were so excited when we caught 2 beautiful scissor-tailed flycatchers! Their long forked tails were very lovely and the red-orange under their wing was so bright!

For the 2 days we got nearly 200 birds. We had a huge group of gray catbirds, gorgeous gray with rusty undertail; many orange and black Baltimore orioles; and rusty and black orchard orioles with their yellow females. We also banded lots of indigo buntings, mostly showy males, but we are beginning to see a few females. Warblers: hooded, black-and-white, Tennessee, northern waterthrush, common yellowthroat, blue-winged, ovenbird, Kentucky, northern parula, palm, yellow, cerulean, black-throated green, worm-eating. Vireos: white-eyed, Philadelphia, red-eyed. We were pleased to catch our first eastern wood-pewee and 2 yellow-billed cuckoos!