Mad Island Banding

May 3, 2012 by Bea Harrison


Migration was the theme at the kindergarten field trip today, as we hosted 30 students from the Palacios, Texas school district. It was a joy to see their eyes light up when we showed them a ruby throated hummingbird, curved billed thrasher, white-eyed vireo, yellow warbler, northern mockingbird, yellow-breasted chat and an Acadian flycatcher. Volunteers, John and Margaret Green, from Washington State and Carol Jones from Gulf Coast Bird Observatory helped us introduce the kids to body parts of birds and to the concept of migration. Before they got back on the bus, each child was banded with a paper band, with their own unique number. One little boy told me it was his best day ever, with the birds! Another one asked me "Which one of you should I hug?"