Mad Island Banding

May 9, 2012 by Bea Harrison


Our final week of banding has been interesting. Tuesday we had a big fallout of kindergarteners—47 of them! They were all eager to see the birds we had caught and we gave each child their own paperwrist band with a unique number and a birdmark, a beautiful bird bookmark. Julie Sullivan and Adam Hinkle were indispensible help with the children. Tomorrow, we expect another kinder fallout at the banding station.

Today, with a light north wind, we had a bird fallout, with 87 new birds, including a bay-breasted warbler, (our first), 12 magnolia warblers, 6 eastern wood-peewees, one Acadian flycatcher, 14 Traill's flycatchers and 2 yellow-bellied flycatchers. It was the morning of Magnolias and the afternoon of the Empids!

We had a surprising visitor in our banding lanes today, a bobcat! We will add it to the list of amazing wildlife here at Mad Island March Preserve.