Bird Friendly Coffee Now in Whole Foods Stores

April 25, 2013 by Robert Rice


Whole Foods’ coffee division, Allegro Coffee, is now offering two Bird Friendly®, shade-grown coffees in its 350 stores across the country: one in the bulk bins, and one on the shelf.

A single-origin coffee from the estate farm in Nicaragua, Selva Negra is offered in the store’s bulk bins. This estate farm is nestled in the mountainous region of northern Nicaragua, in a coffee-dominated landscape outside of the town of Matagalpa. Selva Negra is known within the specialty coffee industry as a model farm that produces excellent quality coffee.

On the Whole Foods shelves you’ll find a blend created from Selva Negra’s coffee and coffee from the Mexican cooperative GRAPOS near the town of Tapachula in Chiapas. This Mexican cooperative of small growers produces a “high-grown” (i.e., high-quality) coffee on 150 hectares. They’re able to bring older, highly-sought-after heirloom varieties like bourbon and arabigo to consumers.

This blend that Allegro has made is called “Early Bird Blend” (see image). The name is testament to Whole Foods’ commitment to the Bird Friendly® certification and to bringing conservation to the marketplace.

For birders interested in and concerned about their coffee’s habitat characteristics, the BF® coffees at Whole Foods will meet their needs. As sales of these two BF® coffees proceed, Whole Foods may decide to increase its offering to include BF® coffees from an array of countries and farms.