Russ Greenberg Receives Elliott Coues Award from the AOU

September 18, 2013 by Steve Monfort


The American Ornithologists’ Union (AOU) recently announced Dr. Russ Greenberg, the director of the Smithsonian Migratory Bird Center, as the recipient of the 2013 Elliott Coues Award. This award, which consists of a medal and an honorarium, was presented to Russ at the AOU’s 131st Annual meeting in Chicago in August. Named in honor of Elliott Coues, a pioneering ornithologist of the western United States and a founding member of the AOU, this award recognizes the recipient’s outstanding and innovative contributions to ornithological research.

In presenting the award to Russ, the AOU specifically noted that his highly creative and innovative approaches to science have made significant contributions to our understanding of the ecology, evolution and conservation of migratory birds of the western hemisphere. More

I hope you will join me in congratulating Russ on this significant career achievement!