Bird Friendly Coffee Surpasses 10 Million Pounds

March 9, 2012 by Robert Rice


shade grown coffee farm in Honduras

As of March, 2012, certified Bird Friendly® (BF) coffee has hit and passed the 10 million pound mark. While this amounts to a relatively small fraction of the world’s ocean of coffee, it represents a milestone for the BF program. The actual amount currently certified and available to roasters, and eventually to environmentally aware coffee consumers, weighs in at 10,440,000 pounds (278 shipping containers!) of certified organic, certified shade coffee.

All together, counting all cooperative members and estate farm owners who are certified BF producers, there are just over 1500 farmers involved. Total area managed as Bird Friendly come to nearly 8650 hectares (21,365 acres).

Much of BF certified coffee is also Fair Trade coffee, as it come from FT-certified cooperatives, allowing roasters to provide a “triple-certified” (Organic, FT and BF) coffee to their customers. In fact, twelve of the production units are cooperatives, producing about 50% of all the BF coffee available.

Support the farmers who practice the responsible land stewardship that allows for coffee to serve as a source of income and habitat at the same time. Ask your local coffee source for Bird Friendly coffee. Drink up and link up to the farmers who manage their coffee and create viable, quality habitat.