Songbird Kit

Designed to motivate all types of learners in grades K-5, the Songbird Kit contains lesson plans and activities in science, literature, language arts, social studies, math and the arts.

Students learn about the natural history of Neotropical migratory songbirds, and the increasing problems these birds face in their two homes.

The Songbird Kit is available for loan to teachers in Maryland, the District of Columbia, and Virginia. The kit fosters knowledge and appreciation of migratory songbirds and an awareness of the need to conserve and protect birds and their habitats.

How to Borrow a Kit

Kits may be borrowed for a maximum of 4 weeks. A $25 user fee must be paid in advance, along with a $100 refundable security deposit. The kit must be picked up from and returned to the Zoo (we no longer mail kits).

To reserve a songbird kit, please complete and submit the following form. You will be contacted via email to confirm the availability of a kit for the time period you've requested.

Once dates have been confirmed, you will be asked to mail in 2 separate checks to cover the user fee and the security deposit. Please make checks payable to the Smithsonian Migratory Bird Center and mail to:

Smithsonian Migratory Bird Center
National Zoo
PO Box 37012
MRC 5503
Washington, DC 20013-7012

Kit Reservation Form

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Contents of the Kit

The time consuming work of gathering materials is already done for you! Packaged in a durable 2' X 3' trunk, the kit includes:

  • a comprehensive curriculum guide for a 2-3 week unit of study
  • student research kits containing study guides, fact sheets, team badges, and task cards for cooperative learning groups
  • songbird puppets
  • a felt story cloth
  • an array of posters, maps, books, videos, and audio tapes

Teacher comments about the kit

“Excellent kit! Very multi-dimensional. Great for cross-curricular studies. The flannel story cloth is very effective.”

“It is a wonderful kit. There is so much to choose from. We used the kit materials and worked with our Spanish teacher to study both the language and culture of Costa Rica as well as the migratory birds.”

“The teachers guide contains great ideas. I loved the extensions. The kit was well equipped for all lessons. What a joy to have all the resources in this treasure box.”

“The unit is well researched, well organized and thorough. Kudos to the developers.”

“The kit is fabulous! The puppet shows and imaginary play acting that evolved from the lessons was well worth the effort of getting the kit to my kindergarten classroom. I love the choice of stories and tapes. I will borrow it again.”