Research Data

The public dissemination of our datasets is a core obligation. Our highest priorities as stewards of long-term datasets are:

  1. maintain data integrity;
  2. allow adequate time for the analysis, quality assurance, and publication of results by graduate students and principal investigators;
  3. properly and responsibly acknowledge the appropriate funding sources.

We will therefore make our data available within five years of the date of collection. We request that data users adhere to the following guidelines as a matter of professional courtesy and ethical responsibility:

Physical Materials

Tissues such as blood, feathers, claws, and fecal material are housed in SMBC's frozen tissue collection indefinitely. Much of this material is consumed during analysis, but remaining samples are freely made available to interested researchers. These samples are currently available by request, but we are working to make this database freely searchable online. Please contact Dr. Pete Marra for information on how to access tissue samples.

Available Data Sets

Metadata are included with each file

Metadata is attached to each file.