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  1. Neighborhood Nestwatch accepts data on breeding birds nesting anywhere within
    the world
    North America
    the Washington, D.C. area
    the eastern seaboard of the United States
  2. You may begin monitoring a nest at which stage?
    nest building
    all of the above
  3. To be considered successful, a nest must
    fledge ALL young
    be located within arm's length of your picture window
    fledge at least one young
    produce at least one brown-headed cowbird fledgling
  4. It is OK to approach nests that have fully feathered young.
  5. Which of the following helps keep nest predation to a minimum?
    having pets around to guard nests
    using a loop route while approaching and leaving nesting areas
    visiting the nest site every day
  6. Record your data directly at the nest site before you forget what you observed.
  7. You should not stop monitoring a nest until the fate is known.
  8. The minimum number of recorded nest observations, including the final determination of fate is
  9. The best time of day to check nests is
    the early morning
    the afternoon
    middle of the night
  10. Sensitive stage during the nesting cycle which, upon disturbance could lead to abandonment.
    nest building
    egg laying
    all of the above