Shade Grown Coffee Keeps Coffee Berry Borer at Bay

January 1, 2009 by Gregory Gough

Birds, ants…and now beetles. Add one more taxon to the list of animals that are more biodiverse in shaded coffee farms as opposed to sun coffee farms. Scientists found 293 species of beetles in a study of coffee farms in Chiapas, Mexico.

Beetles, as a whole, are more common in sun coffee farms, but there are fewer species. Unfortunately for the coffee farmer, one of the more abundant beetles in a sun coffee farm is the coffee berry borer, a pest.

Shade coffee farms offer a sanctuary for a variety of tropical organisms and are important in maintaining biodiversity.

This article summarizes the information in this scientific paper:

Gordon, Caleb E., McGill, Brian, Ibarra-Nunez, Guillermo, Greenberg, Russell S. and Perfecto, Ivette 2009. Simplification of a coffee foliage-dwelling beetle community under low-shade management. Basic and Applied Ecology, 10: 246-254.

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