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Birds of Two Worlds may be ordered directly from The Jamaica papers are free.

Birds Over Troubled Forests

by Russell Greenberg and Susan Lumpkin (1991)


El Sur de México: Cruce de Caminos para los Pájaros Migratorios/Southern Mexico: Crossroads for Migratory Birds

by Russell Greenberg (1990)


Feathered Travelers: Neotropical Migratory Birds of the Americas

by Mary Deinlein (1995)


Forest Patches in the Tropical Landscape and the Conservation of Migratory Birds

By John Schelhas and Russell Greenberg (1993)


Proceedings of the First Sustainable Coffee Congress

by Robert A. Rice, Ashley M. Harris, and Jennifer McLean (1996)


Uniendo las Americas: Aves Migratorias en Costa Rica y Panamá/ Bridging the Americas: Migratory Birds in Costa Rica and Panama

by Russell Greenberg (1995)


Winged Ambassadors

by Mary Deinlein and Susan Bradfield; illustrated by Anne Balogh; designed by Jessica Western (2009)