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Holiday Gift Guide 2017

a donkey holds stockings on his head

We Save Species. And So Can You.

Giving gifts is for the birds...and the elephants and the donkeys! By purchasing a present from the Smithsonian's National Zoo and Conservation Biology Institute Holiday Gift Guide, you help our animal keepers and scientists study and save species.

Proceeds from these products support research, help refurbish our animals' habitats, and provide toys that enable animals to express their natural behaviors through play.

Go on, share this gift guide with your friends and family (both naughty and nice). On behalf of the animals we care for: thank you!

Featured Gifts

The Great Courses: Zoology book cover
The Great Courses: Zoology
Explore our planet's most adorable, exotic and strange animals with Dr. Don Moore, conservation biologist and senior science advisor to the Smithsonian's National Zoo!
Dive in to the Animal World
the poop sleuth book cover
The Poop Sleuth
Endocrinologist Sarah Putman solves animal health mysteries one poop at a time!
Get the Scoop
curious about orangutans book cover
Curious About Orangutans
What animal has long red hair and toes that work like thumbs? Learn all about orangutans!
Satisfy your curiosity
where the buffalo roam book cover
Where the Buffalo Roam
Did you know: American bison use their tongues (not teeth) to gather plants to eat!
More fun facts

For Zoo Visitors

GRUMP Holiday Market

GRUMP Holiday Market

GRUMP, the alternative art and crafts holiday show, is coming to ZooLights on Dec. 15, 16 and 17 from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. Don't miss the chance to shop local and get to know some of D.C.'s own artists and makers. GRUMP features gifts for all ages, from handmade soaps, sweets, jewelry, prints and letterpress cards to glass art, hand-bound books, clothing, upcycled animal pillows and DIY craft kits.

Learn more

Gifts That Make a Difference

Naked Mole-Rat Artwork
New Digs for Naked Mole-Rats
These funky Zoo favorites are ready for a home renovation! We're turning their tubes into realistic tunnels and adding a webcam so visitors can watch the rodents burrow anytime, anywhere.
Make a Donation
adopt a giant panda package
Adopt a Species
Put a panda under the tree! Surprise the animal lover in your life with a gift that supports conservation. With 13 species to choose from, it's the perfect present for everyone on your list.
Adopt today
African lion with gift in its mouth
Save Wildlife: Give Membership
Benefits of a Friends of the National Zoo membership include discounts on parking, event tickets, souvenirs and more! FONZ membership extends to 140 zoos and aquariums nationwide.
Give membership
where the buffalo roam book cover
Zoo Toy Box
Help enrich the lives of our animals by donating to the Zoo Toy Box! Your gift enables keepers to purchase toys that encourage animals to play, forage and explore their habitats.
Give a gift to the animals

For Kids

animal plush toys
Zoo-perior Toys
Our cuddly plush pals are ready to play and snuggle with you.
Visit the store
book cover artwork with illustrated animals
The Animal Book
Take a trip around the world with curious creatures.
Discover more
3-d puzzles
3-D Puzzles
Build your own Zoo! Snap together, wind them up and watch them go!
Puzzles run wild
t-shirts with animal prints
Shop in Style
Obsessed with sloths or red pandas? Wear your fav animal on a tee!
Zoo apparel
toy phone that makes animal sounds
Call of the Wild
What sounds do your favorite animals make? Call them and find out!
Check it out
curious about zoo vets book cover art
Curious About Zoo Vets
Get a behind-the-scenes look at how vets care for the Zoo's animals.
Learn more

For Panda Fans

gold coins with panda image
Commemorative Coin
Bei Bei is more precious than silver or gold. Own a piece of history with this limited-edition coin.
See more designs
panda plush toy
Take Bei Bei Home
This cuddly giant panda Bei Bei plush is ready to play and eat some tasty bamboo with you.
Look after this bear
panda puzzle in box
Panda Puzzle
Build your own panda! This detailed puzzle interlocks to create a sturdy 3-D replica.
Find out more