Jane Braswell is a graduate student researcher at the Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute’s Center for Species Survival. Her research interests involve the impact of animals’ social and ecological environment on their health and welfare. Contributing toward the larger objectives of the Rhythm of Life project, Braswell’s work focuses on validating tools to assess nutritional welfare in maned wolves.

Braswell earned her bachelor’s degree in animal behavior at Franklin and Marshall College in 2018. She began interning at SCBI in 2019, after spending a year on Disney’s Animal Kingdom’s Science Operations team. While interning at SCBI, Braswell contributed to several projects concerning wildlife behavior and endocrinology under the advisement of Jillian Fazio, Ph.D., and Dr. Rosana Nogueira de Moraes. Now, as a fellow with SCBI, Braswell is working toward her master’s degree in environmental science and policy at George Mason University.

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