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Two Baby Pygmy Slow Lorises Born

For the first time, the Zoo's Small Mammal House is celebrating the birth of two pygmy slow lorises, an endangered species. 

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April 08, 2024

Farewell, Cheetah Cub Cam!

Our Cheetah Cub Cam is winding down for the season. Read the latest update on the future of the cheetah breeding program... and say hello to some old friends!

March 26, 2024

Focus on the Future: Sean Lyons

For graduate fellow Sean Lyons, "getting to the root of it all" was always his focus. So, it comes as no surprise that he wound up working with the root...

March 25, 2024

Bird House Team Wins Plume Award

Three chirps for our Bird House team! In recognition of their efforts to breed and care for North American songbirds, they received a Plume Award from the Association of Zoos...

March 25, 2024

Ducks of Our Lives

Breeding season at the Bird House can create some spectacular behavior among the Zoo’s raucous flock of ducks.

March 18, 2024

I'll Have What Mom's Having

At 10 months old, western lowland gorilla Zahra is healthy, feisty and eager to try new things. Get the latest update from Primates keeper Lynne McMahan.

March 07, 2024

The Hidden Life of Vernal Pools

Spring has arrived, and vernal pools are surging with life. Learn what makes these temporary wetlands ideal for wood frogs, spotted salamanders and other woodland species.

February 29, 2024

Meet Our Addax Calf

Three’s company, too! The morning of Jan. 26, Africa Trail staff reported for duty and discovered a female addax calf.

February 28, 2024

Focus on the Future: James Mouton

For ornithologist James Mouton, his "clear-cut" scientific career took a detour when he chose to join the military. But his non-traditional path shows there's more than one way to conserve...

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