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With the help of people like you, the Smithsonian’s National Zoo and Conservation Biology Institute is making huge breakthroughs in animal care, science and conservation. By becoming a member or donating today, you'll help the Zoo save species.



Donating more than 90,000 hours of time each year, volunteers provide invaluable support to the Zoo's two facilities. Learn more about volunteer opportunities.

Adopt a Species

It’s double the fun with the launch of the second Naked Mole-rat Cam. And now you can start your own colony at home with this limited-edition Adopt package.

Dedicate an Auditorium Seat

For a limited time, you have the opportunity to honor a special person or acknowledge a loved one with a personalized nameplate on the seat of your choice — all while showing support for the Zoo’s mission to save species.

Conservation Nation

Funds raised from Conservation Nation supporters will help care and conserve some of the most threatened species across the globe.

May is for Members

May is for Members at the Zoo, which means that every single day of the month will bring a special offer or discount—just for FONZ members. And whether you're a member or not, you'll get a big discount, two extra months, and a free tote if you join or renew your membership in May.