Smithsonian's Global Health Program

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About the Smithsonian's Global Health Program

About the Smithsonian's Global Health Program

The Smithsonian's Global Health Program leverages multidisciplinary expertise in wildlife medicine, conservation pathology, training of international professionals, and investigation of emerging infectious disease to combat threats to conservation and public health worldwide.

Center News

Jul. 13, 2017
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Jun. 30, 2017
How does a conservation organization stop a threat to wildlife that cannot be seen by the naked eye... read more


The Smithsonian Institution has been collaborating with Kenyan scientists for decades regarding numerous conservation issues, including emerging disease prevention and the overlap between animal, human, and ecological health. Smithsonian's Global Health Program (SGHP) is dedicated to these ideals and has recently begun exploring opportunities in Kenya in a partnership with USAID and the PREDICT program, for which SGHP is the lead member in Kenya activities.