Field in Focus Video Series

Journey into the field with Smithsonian scientists working to save species around the globe.

Café y Aves

Join Smithsonian researchers in Colombia as they work alongside local harvesters to transform coffee farms into shaded landscapes that preserve biodiversity for migratory songbirds.

Spawning Hope

Follow Smithsonian researchers into the field to see why their work is bringing new hope to the future of coral conservation and restoration.

Restoring America's Prairie

Smithsonian scientists are collaborating with the American Prairie Reserve in Montana to help understand, restore and preserve this wild landscape. Follow ecologists into the field as they attempt to answer big conservation questions in an even bigger place.

Predicting Pandemics

For the first time, see Smithsonian scientists in the field as they collect blood from bats, sample saliva from macaques and track the movement of flying foxes across Myanmar.

Saving Elephants in Myanmar

In this three-part video series, follow Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute scientists and partners as they track Myanmar's wild elephants.