Smithsonian Bird Friendly®

Proudly Serving Biodiversity

The Smithsonian Bird Friendly® certification is the environmental gold standard in sustainable coffee and cocoa production.

When you purchase Bird Friendly® certified coffee or cocoa, you preserve critical habitat for birds and wildlife, fight climate change, protect biodiversity, and support farmers committed to farming sustainably.

Eat, Drink and Live Bird Friendly

If you’re looking to drink a cup or satisfy a sweet tooth, check out the Where to Buy page to locate retailers, roasters, importers, bird-friendly farms and shopping for certified Smithsonian Bird Friendly products. 

Where to Buy Bird Friendly Coffee

Find a store or café near you that carries Bird Friendly coffee, or better yet, have it shipped to your door when you order online.

Live Bird Friendly®

Are you ready to join the Bird Friendly movement? Find out how you can make a difference for birds.

Meet the Birds Supported by Bird Friendly Coffee Farms

Learn about the birds that call Bird Friendly farms home — and see how you can directly support the farms they inhabit.

Become Bird Friendly Certified

Learn how to become a Bird Friendly® certified coffee farmer, roaster, importer or distributor.

Bird Friendly® Cocoa

The Bird Friendly® certification just got a whole lot sweeter. Chocolate has joined the flock! Introducing Smithsonian Bird Friendly® certified cocoa, the only certification that guarantees healthy habitat for birds and other wildlife with each delicious bite.

Café y Aves

Join Smithsonian researchers as they work alongside Central and South American coffee farmers and their families to protect critical forest habitat for migratory birds.