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Benefits of Being Certified

More and more consumers are demanding shade-grown coffee and are willing to pay a few more cents per cup to enjoy a great tasting beverage with the satisfaction of knowing that they are supporting bird conservation, a healthy environment, and the livelihood of small-scale farm owners.

Certified Bird Friendly® farms benefit from:

  • Better tasting coffee: beans ripen more slowly in shade, resulting in a richer flavor
  • Protection of soil and water resources from the agroforestry environment
  • Pollution control at mills, both wet and dry
  • Healthy environments for workers and downstream communities
  • Organic matter recycling from the leaf litter generated by the shade trees
  • Nitrogen fixing (and soil improvement) from leguminous species of shade trees
  • Potential for a premium price in excess of the organic premium
  • Wood and fruit products from the shade trees
  • Eco-tourism possibilities for birdwatchers, nature lovers and agricultural tourists

These are only some of the benefits you as a farmer may profit from. For more information about the value of Bird Friendly® certification, please contact: Robert Rice.

Certification Criteria