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For Farmers

coffee berries and green leaves growing on a branch

Joining the Bird Friendly® program is easy. First, review the Bird Friendly shade-management criteria for farms. If these shade criteria are present on your farm, contact your nearest Bird Friendly certification agency to schedule an inspection.

For questions about achieving Bird Friendly shade standards, information on the benefits of the Bird Friendly seal of approval or to express interest in becoming certified, contact the Bird Friendly coffee team.

Para Productores de Café

Para productores que quieren convertirse en Amigable a los Aves, revise los estándares de la certificación y si califica, contacte su certificador más cercano y hacer una cita para inspección. Si hay alguna pregunta sobre los estándares o para obtener más información sobre los beneficios de Amigable a los Aves, contactenos aquí—hablamos español.

A group of people working on a shade coffee farm in Nicaragua
Review a summary of shade-management practices necessary for Bird Friendly® coffee certification. 
View a list of Bird Friendly® coffee certification agencies and find out more about certification.
View a list of current certified Bird Friendly® coffee farms.