Become Bird Friendly Certified

A group of people walk through a Bird Friendly coffee farm with trees and other vegetation

Bird Friendly® coffee farms are certified by third-party agencies to ensure they meet the Smithsonian's rigorous habitat standards. Coffee importers, roasters and retailers participate in the Bird Friendly program by sourcing and selling Bird Friendly coffee and maintaining legal agreements with the Smithsonian Institution regarding the use of the Bird Friendly seal.

To become certified, organic coffee farmers contact agencies approved to inspect for Bird Friendly standards. Once they are awarded the Bird Friendly seal of approval, producers can begin selling their Bird Friendly products internationally. Bird Friendly® Farms are then re-certified every three years.

Importers, roasters and retailers sign legal agreements with the Smithsonian, verifying that they separately handle, package and label Bird Friendly beans, guaranteeing 100 percent product purity and traceability and reporting their purchases and sales. Roasters pay a small fee for the use of the Smithsonian Bird Friendly seal on their coffee products. To review the standard Smithsonian Bird Friendly agreements, please email the Program Manager at

Bird Friendly® Benefits Include:

  • Better tasting coffee, because shade-grown coffee beans ripen slowly, resulting in a richer flavor
  • Association with the Smithsonian Institution’s cutting-edge research, conservation work, brand recognition and Bird Friendly® marketing approach
  • Access to gourmet markets for all producers, irrespective of farm size
  • Climate change mitigation and extreme weather protection for crops through shade trees
  • Healthier environments for farm workers and downstream communities
  • Traditional coffee varieties and new varieties that are resistant to pests

For Farmers

Joining the Bird Friendly® program is easy. Learn more about becoming a Bird Friendly certified farm.

For Importers, Roasters and Distributors

Follow these simple steps to becoming a Bird Friendly® certified roaster, importer or distributor.