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Live Bird Friendly®

A composite image of songbirds perched on a branch with leafy, green trees in the background and the text "Live Bird Friendly"

Are you ready to join the Bird Friendly® movement? Get started and find out how you can make a difference for birds by clicking on the most relevant box for you or your organization below.

Smithsonian Bird Friendly has compiled the information and resources to make it easy for you to migrate to a more Bird Friendly lifestyle. You can take flight to support birds here — whether you're an individual curious about actions you can take to live a more Bird Friendly lifestyle, a coffee professional interested in becoming Bird Friendly certified, a consumer hoping to get your favorite grocer to carry Bird Friendly coffee, or a Zoo or Aquarium professional seeking to switch to Bird Friendly at your concession stands.

7 Simple Actions to Live Bird Friendly®

an illustration of plants and a window frame with a bird perched on a branch outside the window

Learn to Live Bird Friendly®

Curious about how to live a more Bird Friendly lifestyle? Get started today with these 7 simple actions.

Let's Go

Become Certified

A bird friendly coffee farm with layers of leafy plants and trees

Bird Friendly® Certification

Are you a coffee farmer, importer, roaster or retailer? Learn more about Bird Friendly® certification standards and how you can join the program.

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Zoos and Aquariums

Ovenbird perched on a tree branch in front of a white background

Toolkits for Zoos and Aquariums

Are you a Zoo or Aquarium professional seeking to switch to Bird Friendly at your concession stands? Access our toolkits for all the resources you need to get started.

Explore Toolkits

Buy Bird Friendly Coffee

 A mug of coffee placed next to a pen and ink drawing of two migratory birds perched on a tree branch

Shop Bird Friendly

You can purchase Bird Friendly® certified coffee around the world and protect wildlife and habitat with every cup.

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