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Help Migratory Birds

Get involved, and help make the world a better place for migratory birds.

A yellow and gray songbird, called a prairie warbler, perched on a tree branch
Learn more about the only 100 percent organic, shade-grown coffee certification available.
A forest scene
Help migratory birds by following these simple steps to make your backyard bird friendly.
A hummingbird flying to a jar of nectar being held in the air
Follow this simple recipe for hummingbird nectar to attract hummingbirds to your backyard.
A hummingbird perched on a tree branch
Tiny, pugnacious and jewel-like, hummingbirds are a fun addition to a garden and easy to attract.
A Kirtland's warbler songbird perched on a branch
This citizen science program provides public education and a platform for scientific research.
Bird with its mouth open
Stay connected with the work of the Smithsonian Migratory Bird Center and enjoy great benefits!