Naked Mole-rat Cam


Naked mole-rats live underground and are the only true eusocial mammals, spending their lives in large colonies with a single breeding female. Watch as the Zoo’s colony eats, sleeps and explores its habitat, which features 16 chambers and nearly 25 feet of winding tunnels to patrol. 

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Naked Mole-rat Cam FAQs

Where are the naked mole-rats?

The webcam is stationary and does not follow the naked mole-rats as they roam inside their box and tunnel system. They can choose to spend time in parts of the “burrow” that are not visible on the webcam. If you don’t see any animals, wait a few minutes or check back again later to see if any of the naked mole-rats are scurrying near the webcam.

Why are the naked mole-rats climbing all over each other?

Naked mole-rats engage in behaviors that may seem rude by human standards. The animals sometimes walk over each other, or push each other if they meet head-on in a tunnel. However, all of those behaviors are normal for naked mole-rats.

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