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Binturong News Archive

A binturong peeks its head out from behind a trunk of a tree. It's standing on a wooden box of sorts and there are leaves behind it.
Jun. 03, 2022
Put your senses to the test at the Claws and Paws Pathway! Follow your nose to the binturongs, who smell like buttered popcorn, and keep your eyes peeled for petite Pallas’s cats hiding in plain...
The binturong exhibit on the Claws and Paws Pathway. The pathway is circular, with the binturong exhibit in the center. The area is surrounded by a low black fence and the exhibit is covered in black mesh. Inside there are wooden climbing structures.
May. 27, 2022
Prowl the new Claws & Paws Pathway exhibit opening to the public Friday, May 27. Visitors will encounter a North American porcupine, bobcats and the Zoo’s newest residents — binturongs and Pallas...