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Asian Elephant Bozie On Exhibit At The Smithsonian's National Zoo

Bozie, a 37-year-old female Asian elephant, made her debut in the Elephant Community Center today. She arrived at the Zoo on May 22 and spent 30 days in quarantine per standard procedure.

Introductions between Bozie and her two female companions—Ambika (65) and Shanthi (38)—continue to go well, according to Elephant Trails Curator Tony Barthel. Once Bozie cleared quarantine June 21, she, Ambika and Shanthi were allowed to see each other through barriers. They soon became familiar with one another's smell, looks and temperament.

Based on the elephants' behavioral cues, keepers determined that the elephants were ready to be able to both see and touch each other through barriers. This introduction took place June 24 and was also a positive experience.

On June 25, animal care staff gave the elephants the opportunity to spend time together in the same enclosure for the first time.

Come visit Bozie, Shanthi, and Ambika?as well as our young male Kandula?on exhibit at Elephant Trails!