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Asian Elephants Bozie And Kandula Greeting

Our elephant team works hard to ensure that all of our elephants have active social lives—including our young bull Kandula. Last week Bozie and Kandula spent some time outside together in the same yard for the first time, under the close watch of our elephant team.

Kandula has always been able to interact with our six female elephants from adjoining yards and areas inside the Elephant Community Center, but a few months ago the elephant team decided that it was time for him to start spending time in the same space as them. When Kandula was younger he had a lot of energy and could be very rambunctious. He could even play a little too roughly with our females at times. Now that he is 13, he seems to have settled down a little bit, and our elephant team decided it was safe to allow him to interact with Bozie without any barriers. They chose Bozie because she and Kandula communicate with each other frequently. Bozie seemed nervous at first when keepers allowed Kandula access to her yard, but she quickly settled down and they spent some time calmly interacting. Everything went very well and keepers plan to continue the introductions. They hope to slowly include Shanthi, Ambika, and Swarna in the introductions as well.

In other news, Bozie continues to do well and has recovered from the infection she contracted last fall. As you can see from the video, she was very bright and even a little "talkative" during the introduction.