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Bao Bao's New Yard

This giant panda update was written by keeper Nicole MacCorkle
  • Bao Bao in her yard

Bao Bao has had just over a month to explore "her" yard, and she is already picking out some favorite spots.  She often eats next to the glass on the lower viewing level.  That spot is a favorite for keepers too, since it is just below the bamboo shed. It's a convenient place to feed her without calling her inside--bamboo simply drops down from overhead!  She also likes to rest and play in a maple tree towards the middle of her yard.

Even more exciting, her waterfall and pool just got filled for the season, giving her endless splashing and playing opportunities for the warm days ahead.  Like our other panda yards, Yard 3 (which Bao Bao is currently occupies) has other cooling features as well, including misters and a cooled grotto.

Since Bao Bao has acclimated to her yard and breeding season is behind us, visitors will again notice that the pandas will be rotating through each of the yards on a more regular basis. That means Mei Xiang will have a chance to graze on the bamboo shoots sprouting along the fence line in Yard 1 (the yard Tian Tian usually occupies); Tian Tian will be able to splash in the waterfall in Yard 3; and Bao Bao will be able to reunite with her beloved hemlock in Yard 2 (the yard Mei Xiang usually occupies) for a nice nap!

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