Bozie Update

In late-September, our 38-year-old Asian elephant Bozie started displaying colic-like symptoms. Through blood tests, staff discovered that she has a serious infection that is affecting her appetite. Our team has been constantly monitoring Bozie, while also encouraging her to socialize and play with the other elephants. Bozie has shown some flashes of normal behavior and sometimes eats most of her regular diet of produce, grain and treats, however, she is still not consuming normal amounts of hay. Our team of vets and elephant keepers is keeping her on an antibiotic regimen and administering fluids and medical treatments. Bozie's care includes routine analysis of her blood work for white blood cell counts and fecal/urine diagnostics, which tell our vets how she is responding to the treatments. Most recently an expert consultant conducted an ultrasound on Bozie that revealed abnormal tissue in her abdomen. This tissue may or may not be related to the infection, and another ultrasound will be conducted soon in order to monitor the tissue and her overall condition. As Bozie's behavior, appetite, and the white blood cell findings fluctuate, our team continues to modify her treatments accordingly. We appreciate your well wishes and will continue to keep you updated on Bozie's status.