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Cheetah Health Sep 17, 2013

As we mentioned last week Draco, one of our cheetahs, hasn't been eating and has been losing weight. As he isn't improving, the animal care team gave him a complete examination yesterday.

During his examination, the team found that Draco was very thin, which reflects what animal care had observed. He also had fluid in his ear, which may mean that he has an ear infection. An ear infection could explain some of his symptoms (his slightly wobbly balance and his lack of appetite.) The team collected a number of samples to analyze further to see if they can determine what's causing the ear infection and other symptoms.

In the meantime veterinarians, husbandry, and nutrition team members are working closely together to encourage Draco to eat, and he's on medications to help treat his symptoms. The animal care team will continue to monitor his status closely.