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#CheetahCubdate 12: Watch a Video of the Cubs’ Checkups

  • A cheetah mom with five cubs tucked in next to her. The text reads "Wishing you a wild and wonderful new year!"
    Rosalie and her cubs made the cover of the Smithsonian's National Zoo and Conservation Biology Institute's New Year greeting card.

Rosalie’s cheetah cubs are 10 weeks old and doing great!

The big news is that we have a video of the cubs' 9-week-old checkup to share. We weighed each cub, took blood draws, gave them vaccinations, and quickly checked their eyes and hearts. We also gave each cub a dewormer medication in the form of a white liquid, which you can see clearly made it into some mouths more than others.

The cubs are super active and playful, running all around their yard. They chase each other and wrestle. We consider Rosalie a super laid-back mother. She seems exceptionally tolerant of her cubs when they jump on her, climb on her, or attack her tail.

We’re also just starting to see signs of personality in the cubs. The biggest male cub, as an example, is the bravest. He has started coming into the barn building and even stands on the adult cheetah scale with a little meat incentive. We’ll continue to work on this kind of training with each cub so that we can eventually weigh them without having to handle them.

The family spends almost all day outside in the yard. They still go into the dens when it rains and to sleep every night. That’s usually the best time to watch them on the Cheetah Cub Cam – and hopefully catch their budding personalities as well!