#CheetahCubdate 17: The Breakfast Cubs

This update was written by cheetah biologist Adrienne Crosier

What does feeding time look like for five growing cheetah cubs and their mom? Watch the video to find out how fast Rosalie and her cubs can devour more than 10 pounds of meat.

Note: This video is from one of the barn cameras that isn’t available to the public, so it’s a real sneak peek from behind the scenes!

The cubs are very excited about food. At 9 months old, they’re still growing. We weigh them every two weeks. We have to be careful that they do continue to grow and gain weight appropriately, but we don't want them to grow too fast, which can cause other developmental issues — and we don’t want them or mom to get too chubby.

Right now, we’re happy to report that all the cubs are at healthy weights! As a family, they get just over 10 pounds of meat per day, six days a week. The seventh day is a special meal — rabbits — which provides enrichment and a change for these growing cubs.