Cub Q&A: Cub Brothers on the Move!

Our rambunctious 5-month-old Andean bear cub brothers Mayni and Muniri are on exhibit and on the move! Curator Craig Saffoe gives an update on the cubs in the latest Q & A.

What are Mayni and Muniri's favorite activities?

They both seem to love climbing to the top of the Mulberry trees in the yard. And of course – they love to wrestle out in the grass!

How are their personalities developing?

Mayni and Muniri are definitely becoming more independent. They still don't like to be too far out of sight from Billie Jean, but they will wander. They are also still very responsive to mom when she calls to them.

What's new with the cubs?

Although the cubs are still nursing, they have recently started trying adult foods like bear chow, root vegetables, and fruit. They seem to really like peanuts! In terms of weight, the cubs are steadily gaining and are now around 29 pounds!

How has Nicole reacted to her half-siblings?

While the cubs don't pay much attention to Nicole, she can't seem to get enough of them! She seems so interested in them that she sometimes sits or stands on the wall facing their yard, watching the cubs' every move.

When can visitors see the cubs?

10 a.m. is the best time to see the cubs, as they will be actively climbing, wrestling, and playing with one another and mom Billie Jean. As they get more confident in exploring the yard they will stay out longer. Of course, the longer they stay out and play—the more they may get tuckered out and sleep!