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Giant panda Update Aug 30, 2013

Keepers went into Mei Xiang's den again this morning to offer her some food and drink. She drank some water sweetened with a little apple juice, which she has done for the past several days. Food still doesn't appeal to her much, which is normal for a bear that recently gave birth. She didn't touch the pear, sweet potato, bamboo, and water keepers offered her.

In 2005 Mei did not eat until 16 days after she gave birth to Tai Shan, but her appetite came back quickly after she ate that first little bit of bamboo. It's not uncommon for bears in the wild to go without food for long periods after they have a cub. Although Mei isn't showing much interest in food, keepers give her fresh bamboo leaves in her den that she can eat if she chooses. It's hard to see them on the panda cams because they blend in with her nest.

Mei continues to be an excellent mother and she is producing milk. And one of our veterinarians that got a good look at the cub this morning said it looks, "strong, active, full and pink."

The panda team will continue to offer Mei food and drink twice a day in her den until she feels comfortable enough to leave it for short periods of time to eat, drink, urinate and defecate.

If you catch a good glimpse of the cub on the panda cams, share it with us! You can upload your screen shots on our #cubwatch Flickr page!