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Giant panda Update Dec 16, 2013

Bao Bao had a busy day Friday! She was very active and spent the entire day in one of Mei Xiang's large indoor enclosures. That was the first time she has spent an entire day outside of the den!

Keepers also weighed Bao Bao early Friday morning. She is now up to 13.2 pounds (6.26 kilos).

As Bao Bao's teeth are starting to come in, she also occasionally bites down on bamboo. But she's still nursing and won't start to sample bamboo for another few months.

The keepers are laying the groundwork for training with Bao Bao. They reward her for moving or looking toward them when they interact with her. Right now her reward is a tiny evergreen branch or a tiny piece of bamboo to play with, but when she gets older she will get small treats for choosing to participate.